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Hello everyone and welcome to The Equine Documentalist. Mans relationship with horses goes back thousands of years. We used them to hunt, they became weapons of war and tools for farming. Today they are athletes, hobbies and friends. The care we provide to these beautiful creatures is ever changing, but much of the equine world still relies on anecdotal evidence, tradition and hearsay. I am Yogi Sharp Farrier and As a farrier studying for my Bsc in farriery science I have seen that every aspect of horse care is closely interlinked, what I do to the bottom closely affects the rest of the body and vice versa, day in, day out, across the world, people are researching these relationships and writing papers on the real science of equine care. I believe its important this information is made more accessible to the equestrian world. from owners to practitioners to vets, so people can provide the best care for their horses based on real science.This blog and the youtube channel "The equine documentalist " Will bring you cutting edge equine research on all aspects of equine care. Join me on this journey of discovery into the world of equine science.

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